Password Chart – Strong password generator

It is important and necessary to have a good password, where letters and numbers are mixed, that it has a good length and that it is neither your birthday nor your girlfriend’s name.

But of course, a more secure password, password easier to forget, and there is no greater security problem than forgetting the password to enter a site.

For that we have this simple web Password Chart, which helps us to build a password and be able to remember it, or rather that the page remembers it for us.

The process is done in three easy steps:

  1. We introduce a control phrase, which is used as an encryption key to the password that we are going to general. Obviously it is very important to remember this phrase.
  2. We write a password, which is easy and that we can remember. This time if you can put your birthday and what you want, that Password Chart will take care of complicating it.
  3. And we already have the password generated, we only have to copy the string of characters that is printed and use it wherever we want with security and tranquility.

And you say, and how do I remember that? Well, we will only have to follow the previous steps and we will get it again.

Sure, it is somewhat inconvenient to do that every time we need it, but we can use some of the services to save passwords that exist on the network.

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