Pasta DOES NOT make you fat, you have been fooled

Pasta DOES NOT make you fat, you have been fooled

If they have been telling you that pasta makes you fat all your life, they have deceived you. A new study reveals that pasta is not fattening, but could help us lose weight.

Mathematics betrays us when it comes to talking about calories. It is an undeniable fact that we usually count the calories of food, and make a verdict on whether it is good for us or not, at the rate that they get fat. This practice leads us to be wrong, because no calorie is the same as another; Although a food may have the same number of calories, the way in which our body incorporates it, reacts with it, or generates by-products can be totally different.

Popular culture has crossed out many foods from fattening foods, without scientific evidence to back it up. Now, numerous studies claim that they are not as bad as we think, and that some of them have a completely opposite effect to that understood in our health. And this is the case of pasta, according to the latest study published inNutrition and Diabetes.

Pasta is not fattening, it could help you lose weight

Food and excesses are not a good combination if our goal is to lose weight, but in a context of control, moderation and logic, we can get incredible benefits from consuming food that we had on our blacklist. Butter, salt, egg, and now the pasta.

The study recruited a total of 23,000 people to two parallel epidemiological studies for him Moli-saniand theINHES (Italian Nutrition & Health Survey); The anthropometric information banks of the participants and their eating habits were analyzed.

The results were astonishing, not only did we find that eating pasta was not associated with the gain in body mass index, but it had the opposite effect. Explains George Pounis, lead author of the paper.

What kind of effects does the consumption of pasta have on our body? He managed to maintain a healthy body mass index (away from both ends), reduce hip circumference and waist-hip ratio.

Mediterranean people have one of the best diets

The Mediterranean diet is one of the richest diets in the world, it has a combination of fresh food, plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereals, and of course pasta. For some, pasta is not suitable in their diet, they consider it as a whim, a meal to skip the plan programmed by your dietitian.

Avoid processed meats as a complement to your pasta, be moderate with sauces (in just the right amount) and above all, take advantage of rich foods from our land such as olive oil, to combine all the benefits and obtain a greater effect.

The message that the study led by the researchers of the centers is that of do not veto food, be it pasta or many others that we avoid due to popular fears. Following a balanced diet, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables along with moderate physical activity, is the best choice for your health. Do not hesitate to add it to your diet, the pasta does not fatten.

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