Paypal payments can now be made with Siri

With the aim of taking over the world of P2P payment (small payment between people), and with Christmas around the corner, dates in which many dinners are held in groups with a lot of money changing hands, PayPal now decides to integrate with Siri.

According to the company, in 2015 41 billion dollars were moved in P2P payments using Paypal, Venmo and Xoom, and now they want to make it easier thanks to the new integration with Siri in iOS 10, available from today, 10 November, in 30 passes.

The idea is that, with this new feature, it is possible to claim and request P2P payments starting with the classic Hello, Siri !, something that can be done in Germany, Saudi Arabia (in Arabic), Australia, Austria, Belgium (in French and in German), Brazil, Canada (in English and French), China, Denmark, the Arab Emirates (in Arabic), Spain, the United States, Finland (in fins), France, Hong Kong (in cantons), India, Israel (in Hebrew), Italy, Japan, Malaysia (in Malay), Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore (in English), Sweden, Switzerland (in French, German and Italian) and Thailand.

Regarding the operation, they tell us that the user must be identified with their account through the PayPal app and have the Touch ID activated to authorize the operation. If not, the user will be redirected to the PayPal app, where they will ask for the email, PIN and password of the account to finish completing the operation through Siri.

Here you play the video with the demo:

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