Peer2School, to easily create virtual classrooms from the web

The closure of educational centers caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, has led to the replacement of face-to-face classes, those of a lifetime, by virtual classes, with a wide range of tools to carry them out.

The downside is that this situation has taken many teachers by surprise, who have not had enough time to obtain the proper digital literacy, using in practice more rudimentary digital tools such as email and WhatsApp messages, to send them. of the syllabus to study and the duties to be carried out, where the most significant thing has been that some have opted (luckily) for the use of video calling tools to offer some teaching from a distance.

But luckily there are also options like Peer2School, a free, open source, web-based tool, which can also be used without the need for user registrations, making it easier and for all levels, impossible.

Peer2School allows you to create virtual classrooms very easily, counting in each classroom with basic virtual whiteboard functions, text chat, voice chat and videoconference.

By creating a virtual classroom, the teacher must share the associated URL, and / or offer the corresponding QR code for students to scan from their devicesThese two tracks being the one that allow the incorporation of students to the virtual classroom and receive the corresponding learning from the devices they use.

Being web-based, and having an interface adaptable to any screen size, it is not necessary to have devices with specific characteristics, being able to be used equally well on mobiles, tablets, or desktop computers, or even on computers. Smart TVs through your own web browser.

If you know any teacher who is looking for tools for their virtual classes, you can always introduce them to this interesting option.

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