PeerBoard, to create a forum within our website

Years ago it was fashionable to create forums of all kinds. Before social networks it was the only way in which people could group together to talk about different issues, and today there are still large thematic forums where millions of users discuss and share outside of social networks, such as reddit or forum cars.

The fact is that with Facebook groups there are many people who have decided not to take the step of creating their own forum and betting on what others already offer, but everything has a price in life: as long as readers are on Facebook, no They are on our website.

What PeerBoard offers is a new way of creating forums on our website, using an extension and offering many integrations.

Mikhail Larionov, CEO of PeerBoard, comments that they actually decided to create the platform after many years on Facebook, creating a constantly evolving forum so that each user can customize it to their liking.

PeerBoard is a plug & play community platform, a place for members to share knowledge and help each other. The platform is optimized to function as a section of our website, and we can integrate it anywhere, from WordPress to custom environments.

They are still in their early stages of development, but they are ready to welcome professional markets, product companies, and public and private communities of all kinds.

You can see its characteristics at, and an example of how it works at

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