Personalized electronic music, generated by artificial intelligence

Little by little we have seen interesting mobile applications appear that, thanks to the benefits of artificial intelligence, have the ability to generate music.

Adding to the options that we already know, comes AiMi, an alternative that combines the capacity of its algorithm with the use of sound samples created by artists, an added value that makes the proposal more attractive.

At the end of May, the first version of this application was released on the iOS App Store. It was developed for more than a year, seeking to provide a listening experience especially dedicated to close users or fans, right of this musical genre and incidentally, open new paths in the world of generative music.

As stated in its launch announcement, AiMi was developed thanks to the joint work of leading scientists in the development of AI tools and experienced musicians within this style.

The contribution of musicians in AiMi is strongly highlighted in its presentation, emphasizing that its system works with real rhythms, created by real artists. In fact, on the front page of their website they have a section in which they invite artists who want to broadcast their productions through a pioneering broadcast channel.

Edward Balassanian, CEO of AiMi, pointed out that the emergence of this application responds to a personal desire, combining his passion for electronic music and his activity as a computer scientist. It was natural to want to combine technology with my musical passion to create a product that embraces artists and listeners alike, he added.

As we have commented on more than one occasion, the growth projections of artificial intelligence are high, both at the development level and in terms of specific applications. Along those lines, Balassanian added that at AiMi, we believe that AI can be a tool to enhance creativity, so it was important for us to combine the creative artistry of electronic musicians with the power of AI to create continuous and dynamic musical experiences. adaptive.

What is interesting about the experience of using AiMi is its adjustment system for the generated music. Through a button panel that is displayed on the main screen of the app, listeners can control the reproduction of the sound material generated and set the energy rate that best suits their tastes of the moment. The scale of levels to choose from is measured from 1 to 10, so the options are varied. Furthermore, if we consider that the same setting can generate interesting rhythms and melodies of continuous music for hours, we can see that we are in front of a powerful tool.

After a time of use of the app, it can be seen that the neatness of its presentation goes beyond its appearance only. The transitions of speeds, rhythms and melodies are harmonic and subtle. The arrangements in general are of a remarkable sound quality. In addition, taking advantage of the learning characteristics of your system, through a couple of approve and reject buttons you can evaluate what is heard in real time, to guide what AiMi generates in the future.

This application joins other similar ones within this category. Previously, we reviewed what was offered by Mubert, Amadeus Code and EN.

As for AiMi, the app can be obtained for free only for iOS. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes per day, but this restriction can be removed by paying a monthly subscription of $ 5.99 dollars.

You can find more details and download them on the AiMi website.

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