Peugeot launches new electric bicycles with 110 km of autonomy

The big companies in the automotive world do not want to be left behind in the electric bicycle sector, and Peugeot could not be an exception.

Remember that Peugeot has been making bicycles for a long time. Before they started to make cars, in 1885, Armand Peugeot was interested in the subject, and since then there have been Peugeot Cycles.

Now it presents six models of electric trekking bicycles, bicycles that can be used both to go through the mountains and to make urban trips. They have a range of 110 km, so it helps to use them for more than just getting to and from work.

The six bikes are from the eT01 family, and have a Bosch PowerTube battery in the frame, removable, with an aluminum frame with flat welds.

The most expensive is the eT01 Crossover FS, at 3,299 euros. It has front and rear suspension, and its battery is 400 Wh. On the other hand, the cheapest is the Crossover D9, at 2,499 euros, with the same battery and wide Hutchinson tires.

On its website it is possible to see other models, even cheaper, using different codes so that we know the use of each vehicle: C for City, T for Trekking, M for Montaa, F for folding … there is no way to get lost in that sense.

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