PingPong, video messages and screenshots for Windows, Mac and Slack

Zoom and Google Meet, as well as the rest of the tools for video conferencing, require planning the room, sending links and investing time to conduct the meetings. PingPong wants to offer more agility on that subject, taking advantage of the good of video and the good of teamwork that Slack offers.

It is a video messaging application for remote computers. They want to think of the topic as Marco Polo or Snapchat (without being ephemeral) for globally distributed teams.

PingPong makes it easy to use facetime effortlessly by allowing teams to exchange video, voice, and screen recordings at the touch of a button, to combat the Zoom issue:

Remote work is the future, but Zoom calls are too long, require scheduling, and won’t work across time zones. Slack chat, on the other hand, is great in certain situations, but typing everything can often seem impersonal, lacks tone, and text formatting results in superficial communication or problem-solving through long messages.

PingPong is presented here to solve the problems that a distributed team experiences. Offers:

– Video recording – Voice recording – Screen recording – Message nesting – Link sharing and web player to share recordings externally as Loom – Workspace guests – 3x playback speed – Keyboard shortcuts for most of the Actions

It can be used for design reviews, team updates, expressing gratitude and feedback, brainstorming, submitting a bug report, getting customer feedback, or selecting candidates asynchronously.

It’s available for Mac and Windows, with a Slack app still in beta and Android and iOS mobile apps (also in beta).

They comment that they will always have a free version, although in the future they will present paid functions.

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