Play this fun mix of Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders

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We have seen all kinds of strange crosses, but pacapongtakes the palm, putting together three classic games.

If two things are good, why not put them together? And why not put together three good things? And why don’t we keep adding things? That seems to be the mindset of the creator of pacapong, a new game that we can try in Windows, Mac and Linux.

The concept is so strange that the really surprising thing is that it works: put together three games that have nothing in common, apart from that everyone knows them. Pong it’s a sports game, Space invaders of action and Pac-man It is a puzzle of mazes.

pacapong is ideal to play with friends

The result, the truth, is very fun, although at times it can be very chaotic. As in Pong, we control a bar, although in this case the ball bounces but we can catch it and release it after a few seconds.

That’s because between the two players there is a maze like the one from Pac-Man, through which the ball circulates. Therefore the secret is not in reacting to catch the ball but in realizing where on the screen it will end.

To further complicate matters, along the way there are ghosts They will eat our ball (unless we get the item that makes us invincible and we eat them), in addition to icons of the aliens of Space invaders.

If we hit the ball and hit the icons, the opponent will receive a rain of invaders, which he will have to eliminate by shooting upwards. It’s a game you just need four keys but that can become very complicated in times of tension.

Pacapong is designed for two players, one of them controls the WASD keys and the other the directional keys. It’s completely free, and if you play enough, who knows, you may find cameos of characters from other classic games (the video reveals one).

Download pacapong for Windows, Linux and Mac

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