PlutoView, to browse the same web at the same time with other people

If you are doing group work with people who are not physically in the same place, you will surely end up using video conferencing tools to keep in touch. The problem is that most solutions only let you share one screen at a time, and it ends up being a problem when it comes to sharing resources.

What PlutoView offers is a tool that allows us to share the browsing session with up to 100 people. We can send a link to a group of people, and when they click, they will see the session we are doing in a tab of their browser.

On the shared web page we will see other people’s cursor, and everyone can enjoy the shared content or even share their own session.

In this way it would be possible to have a browser with five open tabs, for example, and in each tab have the browsing session of each of the group members.

From an educational point of view it could be used for the teacher to see the browsing session of each of the students. You could have a student on each tab, and be able to change to make sure they are working and not browsing in places that have nothing to do with the requested job.

They present it as the simplest tool for remote investigation collaboration, one that allows you to share and view a colleague’s active web session with privacy that surpasses most VPNs, hosted on a fully virtualized, cloud-based platform.

The cost is per monthly subscription, although it can also be paid daily.

At the moment they are in beta, and you can send our email if you are interested in the solution (beta participants will have a free option).

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