Podimo, a podcast platform that arrives in Spain distributing benefits

Podimo was born in 2019, and was launched in Germany and Denmark as a modern podcasting platform offering profit sharing among creators.

Now it comes to Spain, offering both podcast content in Spanish and the program to share the benefits.

The podcast format continues to grow all over the world. It is very popular in more than 100 languages, and it is estimated that there are already more than 1 million worldwide. Spain is key in this sector, being one of the five European countries where this type of content is heard the most.

Podimo offers the possibility to discover more content easily. They have a very intuitive design, and an algorithm that is quite correct in the recommendations made.

There are currently more than 50,000 podcasts in Spanish, and at Podimo they have created the first series of original podcasts, exclusive for this launch. The idea is to offer this content in a Premium plan, and they plan to reach 250 more exclusive creators to highlight this format.

Among the exclusive podcasts is the sports podcast by Patry Jordn, influencer with almost 10 million followers on YouTube, Kiko Amat, crime novel writer, Paz Velasco, renowned criminologist, and others.

In the first phase, everything will be free, and it will not be necessary to create accounts. We can add RSS channels and enjoy the content from the app. Later, in a phase 2 that does not yet have a start date, we will see the Premium section to access the audios that cannot be found anywhere else.

Regarding the benefits system, they indicate that listeners will support creators whenever they listen to their audio, whether or not it is Premium. In the image above it is possible to see how the money reception system works: for every 10 hours of listening by listeners, 5 euros earned, and it will be shared with the creator depending on whether it was an open or exclusive podcast.

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