pogobrowser – The browser that competes with Firefox, IE, Opera …

A couple of days ago I was invited to try pogobrowser, the new Internet browser developed between AT&T and Vizible.

It is an Internet browser that places tremendous importance on three-dimensional appearance. In fact during the installation he complained about the characteristics of my computer:

PogoBrowser allows you to navigate between your favorite sites and navigation history in 3D animation form, where each site has its corresponding thumbnail. Something reminiscent of the familiar functionality of Windows Vista by changing the work panel.

Although I do not give much credit to the three-dimensional theme (which has not impressed me for a long time), I must admit that the possibility of import favorites from deserves a round of applause:

In the same way that other browsers allow having several sites open in the form of tabs, Pogobrowser does so in the form of thumbnails, at the bottom of the page.

I have browsed several sites, with https, with flash, with video… pogobrowser is compatible with all the proven technologies.

I have not found speed improvement in the navigation, for the moment the best option to surf the Internet, from my point of view, is still the new Firefox 3. In any case, it is a good alternative for those who prefer something more. visually modern.

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