Polaroid Introduces World’s Smallest Analog Camera

Polaroid continues to push the world of analog photography, and it does so now with the Polaroid Go, a new wonder now available for pre-order.

While last year’s Polaroid Now measures 94 x 112.2 x 150.2mm, the new Go measures 105 x 83.9 x 61.5mm, in the company’s classic colors.

His goal is to make it more portable and earn money with the special paper used in each instant print, since the camera only costs 139 euros, but the pack of 16 photos costs about 20 euros, so it is a constant income for each client that have.

It has a polycarbonate and ABS outer shell with a polycarbonate resin lens with a 34mm focal length, an aperture of f / 12 and f / 52, and a shutter speed of 1/125 to 30 seconds. There’s a selfie mirror for framing individual shots, a self-timer for remote photos, a dynamic flash, a double exposure feature for more creative options, and a 750 mAh battery that could hold up to 15 photo packs.

The image size in photos is 47 x 46mm, and users should see a full color image after about 10 to 15 minutes.

They say they have designed the Polaroid Go camera from the inside out, as the camera’s internal components are arranged like a three-dimensional Tetris, using careful composition to achieve a simple and effortless exterior and offer the smallest possible size instant analog camera. .

You can see more information about the Polaroid Go at

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