Potluck, a new social network focused on sharing links and establishing discussions about them

One of the things that we can do on social networks is to share those links that we find interesting from the web, thus allowing us to establish discussions about them with our own friends. If current social networks were not enough, now we have a new specific social network to share links and interact with our network of friends.

The new social network is called Potluck and it comes from Branch Media, whose social discussion establishment service we already spoke to you at the time. The idea is that we have our own network of friends, and that we all share links. For this we have the sidebar, where we share links manually and we will access the links shared by our friends. We also have a bookmarklet to add links directly from the browser.

In this way, when we access one of the shared links, we will generate in the main area a space called room In which, in addition to seeing an extract of the content and an image, we can write our comments, with the possibility of mentioning our friends, in addition to adding it to favorites and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and through email.

It only remains that the platform itself has enough users, since otherwise, we will continue to share the links that we see interesting wherever we have our networks of friends. Access at the moment is via the web, although an iOS application is on the way.

Link: Potluck

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