Powerapps, microsoft platform for making apps, is now available to everyone

We already present the platform powerapps, from Microsoft, last year, a solution that enables companies to develop mobile applications using their own data, thus making it easily available within their organization.

Powerapps has been in private mode, for a small set of users, for several months, and today it has already been opened to the public at, although only users with microsoft work or education accounts can register.

The objective is simple: from the desktop we indicate the data that our app must access, being compatible with excel, dropbox, SharePoint Online, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM Online, Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack, Twitter, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Custom APIs. Once we indicate the source of the data, we will use templates, or we will design them from scratch, so that the user interface is created. In this way, by distributing the application through the PowerApps platform (which everyone must have installed), users will be able to access the information from their mobile phone.

It is important to consider three things:

– The creation of applications with Powerapps does not require the use of programming, everything can be done visually. – The applications are not available in Google Play or iTunes, they are distributed internally via Powerapps. – They are applications for internal use within the company, Powerapps is not used to create an application with the goal of being installed millions of times worldwide.

Now that the doors have been opened, it is time for companies to move: will they develop mobile apps to access internal company data?

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