PowerPoint has a new feature that automatically fixes presentation elements

PowerPoint is adding a new feature that will save you time when you have to correct inconsistencies between the elements of your presentation.

It is a function that applies its dynamics automatically to correct those last minute problems in your presentation.

New PowerPoint feature to improve our presentations

Visuals in presentations are essential for our PowerPoint presentation to be clear and professional. But almost always at the last minute we notice that there are elements that are not aligned correctly, do not have the same dimensions or the connectors look messy.

While it will only take a few clicks to correct our PowerPoint presentation, it is not always that easy and it may take us more time than we have to correct errors. Microsoft has a solution for these situations with a new feature added to the web version of PowerPoint.

This function, which is called AutoCorrect, automatically corrects almost any error in the elements that make up a presentation. Yes, whether the items look disorganized or messy from being different sizes, this feature will automatically apply the change to correct all these details.

To use this PowerPoint function, you only need to choose a group of elements within your presentation. That is, the elements you want to correct so that they all have the same format, the same alignment, or connectors that fit perfectly.

There are two ways to apply this function. You can go to AutoCorrect from the contextual menu of the slide (once you have chosen the elements) or you can go to the Toolbar >> Home >> Drawing >> Sort >> AutoCorrect.

One detail to keep in mind is that if you have too many elements with different formats, it is not convenient to carry out the process all at once. It is better to take small groups of elements to carry out the process little by little and that does not cause conflict with the design.

It is still an excellent tool that can save you a lot of time and headaches.

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