Predicting crimes before they occur: the role of Artificial Intelligence

Predicting crimes before they occur: the role of Artificial Intelligence

How has the crime prediction sector advanced?

Pre-crime It is a term introduced by Philip K. Dick in The Minora’s Report (1956), a well-known science fiction novelist. Since then, it has been widely used. One of the best known big screen titles that has used it is without a doubt Minority Report (2002).

It has already been presumed for 61 years: we will be able to predict crimes before they even occur. This moment may not have arrived (in part), but we are very close to achieving it.

In the original work, the term is the name of a service dedicated to eliminating people who commit crimes in the future. Currently, when speaking of pre-crime, it refers to the fact of identify possible crimes or possible criminals.

Dubai and crime prediction

Dubai became one of the pioneers in thesoftware crime recognition when in December 2016 they launched an AI that was capable of predicting hot spots where a crime is likely to be committed, plus when is the most likely time.

dubai police supercars

The ultra sports cars of the Dubai police incorporate this software capable of predicting crimes

The data stored historically by the security forces are used for this. That is, it feeds on all the crimes that have occurred in the city, introducing the variables of place and frequency, in addition to many more.

China and crime prediction

China, on the other hand, has a very different approach: it does not try to predict the future based on historical data, but it studies through Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition of people. For example, if a person frequents gun shops very often, that person is considered to very potentially commit a crime.

Chinese facial recognition offense

It is another more invasive way to predict crimesWell, obviously we are invading people’s personal lives. This system is also used, for example, to fine pedestrians who miss red lights. They are recorded and a system, through facial recognition, extracts the identification of the people.

CIA, FBI, and NSA also behind crime prediction

Specific, the CIA has been funding a research center in this field. It has been founded by one of the creators of PayPal (Peter Thiel). It has even been used to predict bomb attacks in Iraq. But little else is known about this. The research center is in Palo Alto, California, but exactly where is not known.


The building is protected by walls that do not allow radio waves, telephone signals or the Internet to pass through, in addition to being protected by biometrics. Is named eye in the sky And, like the AI ​​in Dubai, it feeds on all that data from the crimes that have been collected for many years.

The CIA, FBI, NSA, Center for Disease Control, Marine Corps, Area Force, Special Operations Command, and IRS are allegedly his clients.

As we see, crime prediction is not a thing of the future, but rather of the present. Advances in this field are making it possible to avoid crimes for the first time in history. And, if everything goes well shortly, the hit ratio could become much more favorable. The question is how you could judge a person who was allegedly going to commit a crime without bias.

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