Blog – to ask prices to companies, to find clients, to compare … is a project that was born in November 2011, a project that, according to what we are told today in a short interview that we have carried out, has three people on staff and five other professionals dedicated to connecting companies with clients.

Currently, they have reached 1,000 registered companies with more than 20,000 visits per month since their official launch. The business model is simple and firm: companies pay when they want to budget for a job.

It is undoubtedly the most profitable advertising for companies, before companies paid advertising based on the number of people who would see the ad, with this model they pay they pay for something tangible such as customer data regulating their investment as they see fit .

Unlike other options available on the web, in They are not focused only on reforms, they want to reach all kinds of sectors, and they are already working on expanding platforms from which it will be possible to request quotes from registered companies:

[…] We want to develop the geolocated platform with a request for services in real time. The ideal would be to integrate with WhatsApp, for which we are looking for investment due to its high development cost.

A simple and practical model: we explain what we need, we receive quotes from companies, we compare what they offer us and we decide on one of them. The idea is that we can hire both gardeners and private detectives, with no category limit.

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