Product Hunt launches new category focused on books

Product Hunt continues to expand the categories offered from its service, launching today its new category for books, Product Hunt Books, which joins the categories of technology and games, the latter launched during the past month of June.

According to Erik Torenberg, the Product Hunt service allows it to be extended to many categories of products, and the choice of categories for books is due to factors such as the passion for reading by the community, the launch of more than 100,000 books to the year, in addition to the durability of the books and the initiatives of some authors, who get to expose their ideas first in blogs and tweets, even publishing entire chapters or offering fully multimedia experiences in the most ambitious cases.

The new book category is now publicly available in beta, and a series of virtual meetings called Ask Me Anything (AMA) with a number of book authors have already been scheduled to launch from now until September. , including Dan Ariely, Seth Godin, Amanda Palmer, Neil Strauss, Ashlee Vance, Lev Grossman, Andy Weir, Kevin Kelly, Daniel Pink, Tony Robbins, Tyler Cowe, Kevin Roose, and many others, as listed in their own ad.

Please note that the book category covers books of different literary genres. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to ask or request for book recommendations, since the Product Hunt community itself selects daily those books that they consider interesting through their votes.

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