Projector, a platform to create content for Instagram and other platforms

Stories on Instagram and content on Tik Tok feature animation and audio. It is not enough to create a banner and publish it, people there do not want to read, they want to enjoy and be amazed by the creativity of others.

For this, there are many platforms that help create good content, such as mojo, an app that we recently talked about on Instagram:

But not only apps can offer this type of editors, there are other very practical tools in this sense, and Projector is one of them.

They just introduced version 2.0 of this fast and fun graphic design platform. With it we can create all kinds of multimedia images, from Instagram stories, GIFs and stickers to presentations and PDFs. These files can be saved and published wherever we want, exporting the result as images, videos, GIF or PDF.

It is not necessary to have a lot of design skills, and we can get integrations with Unsplash, Giphy, Shutterstock, Noun Project and Google Fonts to customize what we put in our animation. They have a library of professionally designed templates with several really cool starting points.

Teamwork is possible, as this version is fully collaborative and designed for sharing.

Projector is based on a custom WebGL rendering engine with real-time collaboration and native video support.

Just go to and create a free account.

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