PUBG Mobile removes 1.6 million accounts in a week for cheating

Cheating in games violates the policy of use of the platforms, and that means that the account can be deleted without prior notice.

We have already seen this threat millions of times, but those of PUBG have decided to put it into practice by eliminating 1.6 million accounts from their platform in the last week.

PUBG Mobile has permanently banned more than 1.6 million accounts in about five days, the developers shared on Twitter. Players of various levels can be seen in the report, most of them being Bronze. The tweet from the end of last week also shared percentages of the different types of cheats and hacks that were being used and most of these were auto-toe hacks that allow players to focus on enemies.

PUBG Mobile introduced the anti-cheat system at the end of 2019, cheats used by players who took advantage of game vulnerabilities, security holes, to play with advantages by installing external applications or using illegal tricks. Now, from March 28 to April 1, the purge has taken place.

In the tweet, PUBG Mobile also shared that of these more than 1.6 million accounts, 35 percent of the players were at the Bronze level, 13 percent at Diamond, 12 percent at Crown, 11 percent at the level. Silver and Platinum… only 1 percent were at Conqueror level.

Apparently 34 percent of these banned accounts used machine vision and X-ray hacks that allow players to target opponents and detect other players through walls. 12 percent of these accounts were using speed hacks, 6 percent were using area damage mod, 4 percent were modifying their character model, and 10 percent were using other types of attacks.

It is not the first time that such a cleanup has occurred, in the previous round of bans, 1,813,787 PUBG Mobile accounts were removed for using the same hacks.

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