Pubslush – crowdsourcing for publishing book creation

It is often said that when one door closes, others open, especially if we have the new possibilities offered by the Internet. There are projects that go ahead thanks to the contributions of volunteers who bet on these projects, and here we have already talked about some platforms that make it possible, such as Kickstarter. Well, in line similar to Kickstarter but oriented to publishing books we have Pubslush, a new platform, launched at the end of August, that allows publishers to present their proposals for creating books so that those users who are convinced can support their initiatives. For this, the publishers will have to expose a part of their work according to the conditions imposed on them, and when it reaches a level of users that support it, Pubslush will put the means for the realization and commercialization of the books, both in print and in version. in digital. Users, for their part, will have a list of exposed proposals that they can discover and filter through a series of specific categories if they wish, although from the cover it highlights some proposals so that they can take a look at them. In addition to promoting literary creation through crowdsourcing, Pubslush will promote the literacy of children anywhere in the world by donating a book for each book that is sold, with which the satisfaction can be double. Link: Pubslush | Goes: TNW

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