Punch Moto, the electric motorcycle that seems to be made with LEGO pieces

Based in Minsk, the Belarusian company Punch Motorcycles has taken the initiative to join the electric locomotive market with the Punch Moto, an electric motorcycle in which the company seems to have given free rein to its imagination to realize its vision.

Regarding its design, there is no doubt that the Punch Moto presents a truly unique appearance that resembles that of a construction made with LEGO pieces where cylindrical and cubic shapes of different colors are concentrated that contribute to project an impressive image.

Although the comparison with LEGO pieces is inevitable, the truth is that for the manufacturer the inspiration came from a movement of Russian abstract art known as Suprematism, which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. This is how the Punch Moto electric motorcycle takes full advantage of the design freedom that this technology grants to arrange the components in unusual places and with shapes that are far from the conventional.

Thanks to this risk, Punch Motorcycles has made it possible with this model to project a distinctive and exclusive image with the potential to capture all eyes when walking down the street.

Uniqueness and extravagance were the adjectives that the manufacturer sought to project through the special coloring of this electric motorcycle, with which it aspires to achieve success in the sector within the Russian market.

A design that breaks the mold of convention

Regarding the structure of the Punch Moto, the first thing that stands out is its two-color cylinder in which the seat, electronics and lighting are concentrated, so that everything takes on an appearance like a giant flashlight on which it is accommodated. the pilot.

Followed by this, we find the suspension fork and the handlebar at the front, elements that at first glance seem to stand out from a dirt bike.

Observing under the handlebar is the battery, followed by the engine covered in red and the swingarm, equipped with a single shock absorber arm, elements whose arrangement projects a clean and harmonious appearance where each of them is distinguished from each other.

Moving on to the Punch Moto’s electric motor, it has been custom-developed by the company itself, giving it a nominal power of 15 kW (20 HP), although this index can reach peaks of up to 25 kW (33 HP), making it possible for the Punch Moto can travel at a maximum speed of 120 km / h.

In order to comply with European regulations, Punch Motorcycles has manufactured a version of this electric motorcycle with a limited power of 11 kW (15 HP) and 105 km / h of limited speed to be ridden by those who have the A1 license.

Two removable twin batteries provide power to the engine. Both batteries give this vehicle a total capacity of 5 kWh, and can be found attached to each side of the frame, giving it in turn structure.

In terms of autonomy, these batteries give the Punch Moto the ability to travel an average of 110 kilometers.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Punch Moto is still in the development phase, which is why those who wish to purchase it will have to wait until 2022 to place their order.

However, given that the company has set its sights on the Russian market, it is unknown whether after its launch, the Punch Moto will be available to be requested by users outside this territory.

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