Qool Box, a portable cooler that doesn’t need ice

Years pass, and portable refrigerators continue without great changes, except for that invention that never came to fruition in 2014: Coolest, or that of solar panels: GoSun Chill.

The fact is that now comes the Qool Box, a refrigerator that is based on vacuum insulation, like a thermos, leaving the ice in bags for frozen inserts that contain special phase change material (PCM) formulated to maintain the cold (or even frozen) contents for days.

The technology was first introduced in January 2019, winning awards such as ISPO Gold. Qool is a branch of Vac-Q-Tec, a Germany-based international supplier of commercial grade insulation for various industrial and commercial applications. Vac-Q-Tec’s products include insulated packaging to keep sensitive medications and healthcare supplies at proper temperatures during shipping, and they have now brought that technology to the consumer to allow food and beverages to be kept refrigerated in an ice bath for a couple of years. days or a week, keep them at a desired temperature and until freezing below -15 C

Although putting ice cubes or ice packs filled with water in a vacuum insulated box should keep food fresh longer, it will not keep frozen food well below 0 C or medicine at precise temperatures. For that, Qool packs its cooler with temperature elements, sealed blocks filled with phase change material more complex than water-based ice.

The refrigerator releases a constant stream of cooling energy as they melt from solid to liquid, keeping the interior of the refrigerator at a constant temperature range for up to 10 days. The user simply freezes the items in a domestic freezer for one to three days, depending on the version, and then places them on the sides and on top of the inside of the refrigerator.

With an internal volume of 43 liters, it offers five sets of elements for specific temperature ranges, from a warmer range of 18 to 25 C for certain red wines, to a deep freeze between -25 and -15 C, passing through the standard -2 to 2 C or the 2 to 8 C version and the standard freeze of -20 to -10 C

The bad thing is that the Qool Box refrigerators range between 400 and 440 euros for the 27-liter model and between 505 and 570 euros for the 43-liter model, so we are not talking about anything especially cheap.

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