Qrius offers publishers a better way to distribute their content

While we are still assimilating the news of the closure of Google Reader for the next July 1, in turn the beginning of the search for alternatives that are closer to what it has been offering us until now, before the time is over. , Mediafed has taken advantage of the occasion to reach its services to more users. Remember that both Taptu, its reader of news sources, and Qrius, its easy subscription systems focused on the common user, are services belonging to Mediafed.

And the changes are, on the one hand, the availability of Qrius for independent publications, and on the other, the inclusion in it of social characteristics that allow content to be shared on the main social platforms, as well as through email and SMS. Mediafed also has blogger in mind premium with the idea that they can monetize their feeds.

For now, Qrius only supports Taptu, although in the near future it will also support other news readers. In this way, those independent publications that so wish, will be able to integrate the Qrius subscription icon, allowing their visitors to subscribe in a simple way. They will only need a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

According to Mediafed, about 130 of its 2,000 publishers premium They monetize their feeds through Qrius. It also affirms the increase in active users, going from 47 million in 2011 to 202 million in 2012, going from 16% of its users who use Google Reader in 2011 to 8% in 2012. Thus, its CEO, Ashley Harrison, tells TechCrunch to increase the number of users of Google Reader, although its relative importance in the RSS ecosystem is a downward trend.

Link: Qrius | Goes: TechCrunch

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