Qualcomm raises the mid-range of mobile phones to the next level with its new processor

The mid-range of smart mobile phones takes a further step in its performance with the arrival of the new mobile platform Snapdragon 780G from Qualcomm, which takes on some features so far unique to new-generation high-end mobile models, obviously improving performance in a number of ways over previous 7xx-series models.

Regarding what remains exclusive to the high-end, Qualcomm points out that the new mobile platform is capable of allowing mobile phones to capture photos and videos with three cameras simultaneously thanks to the integration of the Qualcomm Spectra triple image signal processor. 570, a possibility that until now was exclusive to phones that have the top-of-the-range mobile platform, the Snapdragon 888.

According to the company description:

This function offers three different images captured with zoom, wide angle and ultra wide angle lenses at the same time.

In addition, users can also take professional-level photos in poor lighting conditions, and HDR10 + videos with the new 4K HDR with computational HDR capture, noting that:

This platform also features a new low-light architecture that powers professional-quality photos in all lighting conditions. Users can also shoot like a pro with HDR10 + video capture that captures over 1 billion color tones.

On the other hand, as in the Snapdragon 888, this new platform also has Qualcomm’s sixth generation AI engine, integrating in this model the Hexagon 770 processor, capable of offering an artificial intelligence performance of up to 12 TOP (billion operations per second), double that of the predecessor model, the Snapdragon 765G, although it is still below the level of performance that the Snapdragon 888 has, of 26 trillion operations per second, that it achieves with its integrated Hexagon 780 processor.

The company points out that this platform also has the second generation of Qualcomm Sensing Hub, its low-power AI engine that carries a processor dedicated to audio processing.

Generally speaking, Qualcomm’s new mobile platform also improves its performance over its predecessor, housing the Kryo 670 CPU with which you get an increase of up to 40%, and the Adreno 642 GPU that allows you to gain up to 50% of faster than the Snaodragon 765G.

Connectivity also benefits from the integration of the Snapdragon X53 5G modem, which among other aspects, allows download speeds of up to 3.3Gbps in 5G Sub-6 networks, in addition to bringing support for WiFi 6E, enabling higher speeds in WiFi networks. and Bluetooth 5.2.

Qualcomm expects that the first mobiles to integrate its new middle-class mobile platform will arrive during the second quarter of this year, that is, throughout the next few months.

More information: Qualcomm

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