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Since yesterday the possibility of creating company pages in Google Plus was opened, there are many questions that those responsible for the communication of small businesses, brands, websites and other companies are asking in comments, forums and specialized blogs. Aiming to help a little to eliminate basic doubts and create an interesting strategy in this social network, I leave you with some of the questions and answers that have been raised here. Expand the list with the questions that you continue to raise from various sources.

I already have a page on Facebook, do I need another on Google Plus?

In the same way that companies usually have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, it is advisable to also create a professional profile on Google Plus. The publics are often different, there are millions of users on Facebook who do not access, nor will they access, the Google network, but there are also many others who are starting to use Google Plus on a regular basis to give their opinion, report and get in touch with them. brands all over the world. Surely you have noticed that the followers of your brand on Twitter have a different profile than those on Facebook, I can assure you that in G + you will find another different community, with many points in common, of course, but with differences that deserve worth being analyzed.

How do I use the Google Plus page, the same as the Facebook page?

On Facebook there are many applications that help increase interaction between brands and followers, something that G + does not yet have. In Google Plus we cannot do surveys with predefined applications, for example, but we can ask a question, answer various options in the comments, and let the community vote for the appropriate comment (closing the question so that no one else can comment). Although today the possibilities of interaction and management are more limited in Google Plus, it is important to analyze the community of followers that are formed there, classify them according to their interests, for example, creating different circles for each type of user. We see how there are already some circles created (clients, followers, VIPs), circles that you can expand with lists that classify followers according to professional sector, influence, gender, age … when you make publications you can focus them on more suitable audiences, increasing the possibility For this, it is necessary, that is, to analyze the public profile of each follower and classify it correctly, a work that is nothing simple, but worth it in the long run.

Can I have a custom url for my company page?

At the moment there is no official solution available for everyone, although there are shorteners that offer that possibility, such as I recommend you wait. There is a risk of divulging the url created with an unofficial solution and seeing how later, for whatever reason, it disappears forever.2013 update: Some pages with many followers already have the option to customize their url within the About section in the administration section.

Can I create a page without having a personal profile?

Yes, from it is possible to do it.

Can several people manage the same Google Plus page?

Not at the moment, but it is one of the functionalities promised by Google today.2013 update: Yes, it is possible, for this we only have to access the Configuration / Managers section, being able to invite other people so that they can manage the content of the page:

Can I do the same from a company page as I did from a personal profile?

No, there are limits on various functionalities.

Pages cannot add people to circles until the page has been added or mentioned first. Pages can be created by all kinds of entities, while profiles are always personal. The privacy settings of the elements of our page The default profile is public Pages have their +1 button but they cannot mark +1 on other pages or content from other websites Obviously, pages cannot play games. Pages cannot share content to extended circles. Pages do not receive notifications by e-mail, texts or the top bar of Google. Pages cannot participate in mobile meetings. Local pages have specific fields for their geographical location in user searches.

Update 2013: Pages can vote for content from other pages and can now be managed from mobile devices.More questions and answers here

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