Rad Power Bikes launches RadMission, its most economical and lightest ebike

e-bikes are now finding their best moment since traditional mobility options are being called into question for different reasons, which is why instead of moving by car or public transport, more are opting for e-bikes as an option. safe and low-cost alternative for your trips in cities and other territories.

The main electric bicycle manufacturers know this and continue to launch new models in the hope of being able to see them one day on the streets. One of these manufacturers is Rad Power, which has just launched its most economical and lightest version of the electric bicycle, called RadMission, which goes on sale for about $ 999, hoping to serve as a gateway model to the world of electric bicycles for many users.

It is a single speed electric bicycle inspired by the traditional conventional bicycles that were used in the past during childhood. The manufacturer wanted to convey the same feeling of freedom of movement in the design of this model, which does not have luxuries or complex elements for its use, thus addressing possible barriers to entry.

Although it is the lightweight version in the catalog, its weight is somewhat higher than analog bikes, although the manufacturer points out that it is light enough to move it up the stairs in apartment buildings without a lift.

Mike Radenbaugh, CEO of the company, notes in a post that:

I really hope this is the first electric bike for people who are just realizing the fact that they no longer need a car to survive. Bikes like these can get you from point A to point B, lower emissions, save money on gas, and ultimately change the entire transportation game.

As main characteristics, this model has a powerful 500W motor, a light battery, and allows to go at a maximum speed of about 32 kilometers per hour, as promoted.

Image Credit: Rad Power Bikes

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