Radon, an android app for sharing links using ultrasound

If you have someone nearby and want to share something goes mobile, you will surely ask them to activate Bluetooth, or email, or WhatsApp … there are several ways to make that transmission, but what Radon offers is quite practical.

It is an application, currently only for android, that shares content with other mobiles that also have the app installed. It is necessary that the transmitter and receiver are close, since it uses a combination of ultrasound, wifi and bluetooth, although in this case it is not necessary to carry out such a complex configuration as in Bluetooth.

It is possible to send links to several people at the same time, another great advantage that they do not have other options, since we do not need that the recipients are registered as contacts within our mobile nor will we have to distribute passwords.

Radon will be seen within the menu of our android, so that when sharing any content, it will appear as an additional option, along with the dozens of other existing applications.

They say in TNW that it uses the API Nearby Messages, from google, to carry out this task, so surely we will not see the iOS version in the near future.

The only downside is that it is not possible to send multimedia content, so we will have to limit ourselves to the links that point to said content.

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