Readism, an extension that tells us how much reading time each web page has

One of the most attractive functions on Kindle is to obtain the information of the time it takes to finish a book or chapter, and on the Medium blogging platform they have something similar, a variable that shows the time it takes to read a specific article. . This information is useful so that, before we begin, we have a quick idea of ​​the length of the text without the need to use the scroll bar or make calculations taking into account the font size.

Now we can use this functionality on any web page thanks to the extension they present in, a plugin that offers exactly that data: the average reading time of any web page we are on.If we create an account we can perform tests so that the system knows what our reading speed is, and use that information to display a personalized time as we browse the Internet. It is important to note that readism only measures reading time, not comprehension time. If a user is used to rereading a specific text several times, that displayed time will not be real.

On its website it is also possible to see a book search engine so that it informs us about the time it takes to read any of them, being only necessary to inform the title or author to navigate through the times.

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