Blog presents a Photoshop plugin to remove background from photos

We all know that with Photoshop it is possible to eliminate the background of the photos without much mystery, but for this you have to use brushes, know the resources and invest time in selecting areas and correcting possible errors (color selection, magic wand, pixel selection by pixel, etc). Every time they get to perfect the process more and more, but it is still more complex than what they get in has become the ideal website to remove the background from any image, without the need for registration and with a process impossible to be simpler: we upload the photo and obtain the result, as we recently showed in our IGTV:

The point is, no matter how hard tries, it can never compete with Photoshop, a tool used to do more serious professional work. What they have done now is create a plugin to integrate.

It’s an extension designed for Photoshop that handles even tough image edges, such as picky hair, green screen tones, and low-contrast edges. About the details, they indicate:

If you have to get pixel-perfect for professional or publishing reasons, you’ll be glad to know that every cutout via the Photoshop extension comes with a fully editable layer mask.

To install it we just have to follow the steps indicated in register in, download the extension and put the corresponding API KEY.

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