Reolink presents the Argus 3 Pro security camera, with AI and 2K images, for 130 euros

Security cameras continue to grow in specifications and fall in prices, and there are some brands that are standing out a lot in this sector. Reolink is one of them, and today it presented the Argus 3 Pro, with a value for money that has been quite surprising.

It is striking that it can offer detection enabled by Artificial Intelligence and has 2K images, something unusual in cameras of this price.

It has an internal battery, and can be charged with a solar panel that is sold separately, which makes it possible to avoid cables to the plug and is more portable. It connects to both 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi networks (it does not have a data card), and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can see the details in this link, but first keep reading:

News offered

If we compare it with the other Argus of the same brand, we see that they have updated it offering 2K (4MP), which makes it possible to offer images twice as clear as 1080p. It also has improvements when it comes to capturing colors in very dark places, thanks to the built-in motion focus.

Artificial Intelligence is designed to differentiate people from cars, which makes it more precise when creating alerts (avoids false positives).

Like the rest of Argus, they do not have a mandatory subscription service, and you can save videos on a microSD card protected inside.

Technical characteristics

Making a summary, we find:

– 2K image quality: capturing sharp images day and night – Integrated spotlight: brightens dark corners and allows users to see in color – People / vehicle detection: delivers more accurate alerts – Custom alerts: siren, spotlight and recorded voice alarms – Dual band WiFi: more stable performance with 2.4 / 5 GHz WiFi connection – Two-way audio: listen and respond at the same time – Flexible power options: rechargeable battery; Solar Powered – Indoor and Outdoor Use: IP65 Certified Weatherproof – Smart Home Integration: Responds to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – Wide 122 Field of View – Time Lapse Creation: One Hour Event Recording or a day in minute long videos (fast motion)

Use experience

Personally, there is one thing that I really like about Reolink cameras: their ease of installation. In less than 1 minute I had it working after installing the reolink app on the mobile.

The detection is immediate, and we only have to focus with the camera itself on the QR code that is generated in the app, once done, we already have the interface so well known in these cameras.

I miss being able to move it remotely, as with the Reolink C2 Pro, but I recognize that it is not always necessary to have something like that.

When it comes to image quality: unbeatable for a 130 euro camera.

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