Reploy, to reduce space between programmers, designers and project managers

When you are creating a web application, you usually have several professionals working with the same project: the PM, the analyst, the programmer, the database, the quality … it all depends on the size of the project, of course, since many sometimes it ends up being one person who takes over all the work.

The point is that when there are a lot of people it is necessary to break the barrier between the product team and the engineering team, and there is a solution that is working on it.

Is about Reploy, a platform that allows the team to easily configure preview environments of the web application, which helps to share changes with teammates (designers, PM, etc.), since the screenshots are not effective and it ends wasting a lot of time.

They tell us that Reploy is especially useful for:

– Accelerate feature definition collaboration with engineers (ie help catch bugs earlier) – Convert code reviews into interactive product reviews – Allow team to collect early feedback from beta users.

Access can now be requested to test it, and for this they have the documentation available at You can see some examples of what it does on github.

You can see the introductory video and full features at

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