Roblox is already worth 45 billion dollars at its IPO

Roblox is a fever among the smallest, an endless platform of games, created by the users themselves in the most diverse categories, and now it has been made public, so that both employees and investors can sell shares on the market.

Initially it was thought that its price would be $ 45 per share, but the first share was almost $ 65, now approaching 70, which makes Roblox is valued at $ 45 billion.

This is not an initial public offering, as the company decided not to raise money for the company itself, but this move is important to tell the world that we are here and this is what we are worth. Roblox employees and shareholders sold more than 388.2 million shares out of a total of 650 million available. The shares trade under the RBLX symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. The shares are currently trading at $ 69.5, although it was close to $ 75, as can be seen in the chart above.

They currently have 32.6 million daily active users, and although they chose not to raise money, Roblox still has plenty of cash, raising 520 million in private funds last month (seven times more than the funding round almost a year earlier).

The value of the company has increased a lot during the confinement, so much so that in 2020 they had twice the reserves than in 2019.

Now they are in the process of hiring more people, and they think this is a good time, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is talking about Roblox since its IPO. With the valuation higher than expected, Roblox will be able to raise money in the future at a much higher price than it could have done just a short time ago. And if some other company wanted to acquire Roblox, they would have to pay a lot more from now on.

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