RoboCut, the robot with the ability to control highly flexible tools

When it comes to tools or instruments, human hands have the ability to adapt to them thanks to the sense of sight and touch, which help the brain to process the object and allow the person to understand its operation during its use until achieving his complete domain.

Based on this, a group of researchers from the ETH (Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich) undertook the task of creating an algorithm with the aim of calculating the coordinated movements of two robotic arms named RoboCut, so that they can precisely guide a highly flexible tool, specifically a hot wire cutter.

This is how the RoboCut can have the ability to create much more complex shapes in just a few cuts compared to previous systems, where the wire remained rigid, a state in which it can only cut ruled surfaces of fusible plastics with a straight line at each point. .

Added to this, the RoboCut can be used to create grooves in a plastic block, thus expanding its versatility beyond creating planes, cylinders, cones or seating surfaces.

However, the improvements made to the RoboCut are not only focused on the optimization of the hot wire methods, but also in the future its use is foreseen in the architecture designed for the production of individual polystyrene molds for concrete pieces, which allow to obtain greater diversity in the design of the facades and the development of new types of modular construction systems.

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