Root, a robot created by Harvard to teach the little ones how to program

Over the last few years we have spoken to you on numerous occasions about different projects whose objective is to facilitate the learning of programming for the little ones. On this occasion we have found it interesting to highlight Root, a curious robot created by the Wyss Institute of Harvard University that wants to make a name for itself in schools.

As you can see in the image that illustrates this article, Root is a small hexagonal robot designed to be used in conjunction with the characteristic whiteboards of the classes. The reason is that the robot will be able to move on the board and draw following the children's instructions, which must be entered from an application for mobile devices.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of Root is the ability to display the results of our instructions in real time. In addition, all those who already have basic programming knowledge will be able to change the interface of the app to an advanced text-based mode. There is no doubt that this is an interesting project, especially considering the importance that programming will have in the near future.

Next, we leave you with a video that shows the operation of the robot:

Source: Harvard

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