Rumor debunked: iOS 14 won’t let you record calls

Sometimes rumors get out of hand. Something like this happened recently on the web, after the circulation on social networks and some portals of a rumor that ensured that the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system would have a native tool to record calls made over the phone or through FaceTime.

The spread of this eventual news was based on a misunderstanding. Although, it is not entirely false, because the aforementioned function does exist, its purpose is another, not oriented to the common user.

All this commotion began at the beginning of this week, after the dissemination of this rumor on the Chinese website ITHome. The publication ensured, through a screenshot allegedly obtained from the Jailbreak community, that this tool was part of the native functions of iOS 14.

Screenshot that started the rumor

For those who were enthusiastic about this announcement, the news is unfortunately somewhat discouraging. From the 9To5Mac portal they confirmed that this feature exists, but that it does not correspond to what was initially announced through the rumor.

According to what was reviewed in that note, Apple engineers assured that this function has been part of several previous internal builds of iOS and its purpose is only for debugging purposes.

In simpler words, this tool is for internal use by Apple. By making exclusive use of it, company employees can use it for development work. For the same reason, common users of an iOS device have restricted access to this option.

In the internal versions of iOS there are usually some settings for exclusive use for development tasks oriented only to Apple workers, in order to provide them with additional tools that allow them to simulate different configurations, comparing the results obtained under different types and conditions of use.

What happened this time with the rumor spread responded to a stroke of enthusiasm in which the verification of some important details was omitted.

On the one hand, the screenshot shown contains a disclaimer text that lists some liability clauses regarding the use that is given to the registered material, which will be aimed at Apple employees who work with this tool.

On the other hand, a more decisive detail that was omitted with the spread of the rumor is that the function reviewed corresponds to an AppleInternal tool, a label with which each of the functions that are categorized under this criterion of exclusive use by Apple. Unfortunately, by ignoring this indication, the presence of this feature was misinterpreted, as if it were an eventual normal feature of the new iOS.

The denial of this announcement was made after the in-depth review of a preview version of iOS 14, designed for internal use at Apple.

In addition to the empirical evidence, if the size of an announcement of such characteristics is analyzed more carefully, initially this may already seem strange, since Apple does not usually work with functions of this type and also, the legal implications after recording a call. telephone make this scenario more complex.

Those who want to record calls made through an iPhone, will have to continue to settle for the only option available to do so, only through third-party applications.

The official launch of iOS 14 will be this June 22 at this year’s WWDC, an event in which Apple will also present the new versions of the operating systems of the other members of its family of devices.

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