Russia lifts ban on Telegram after reaching deal

Today comes the final chapter of the pulse that the Russian government and the Telegram messaging application have maintained throughout these last two years. And it is that something more than two years have passed since the Russian government prohibited the operation of the messaging application throughout the national territory after Pavel Durov has repeatedly refused to deliver the encryption keys of the communications to the Russian authorities.

The truth is that the blocking attempts have not been successful, so the messaging application has remained partially available. But in the last hours, Durov and the Russian telecommunications organization Roskomnadzor finally reached an agreement that is putting an end to the blockade, lifting the restrictions to be fully operational in that country.

As described by the Russian body on its website:

We positively evaluate the willingness expressed by the founder of Telegram to combat terrorism and extremism. By agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor removes the requirements to restrict access to the Telegram messenger.

But what exactly has been agreed? Are there any risks to the privacy of users? The founder and CEO of the messaging application steps out to reassure users by pointing out the following on his Telegram channel:

What to change in practice as a result of unlocking? The stability and speed of Telegram mobile applications in Russia should increase. Direct web links to Telegram channels and services will also be available without a VPN, leading to an increase in the number of channels and chat participants. At the same time, there are no changes in the security of personal data: the right to confidentiality and confidentiality of personal correspondence remains a fundamental principle of Telegram in all countries.

Durov is positive about the new direction that the Russian authorities are taking and hopes that it will be maintained in the long term, also hoping that Russia can realize its potential in the digital sphere, considering it as a good sign for entrepreneurs in investors in Information Technology projects. .

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