Samsung begins mass-producing high-capacity SSDs

Samsung begins mass-producing high-capacity SSDs

Samsung has announced that it is starting production of its new line of SSD hard drives. These hard drives will be available by the end of the year and stand out for achieving large capacities, while maintaining a much more affordable cost.

Samsung wants to revolutionize the hard drive market

If you asked me what technology I consider most relevant in the PC market of recent years, I would say almost without hesitation that the solid state hard drives (SSD). These drives reach blast speeds, and work so well that they are capable of giving a second computer a second life.

history of samsung ssd

One of the biggest problems with these discs is that tend to be more limited in storage capacity, having to spend a huge amount of money if you want to save a lot of data on your computer. For years, the solution has been to opt for two hard drives to have speed on one side and capacity on the other.

Samsung wants to get it over with and they want the SSD to be our only storage. To do this, they have announced that they are starting production of their QLC discs. This technology integrates 4 bits per cell, instead of the 3 that they have integrated until now (there are also models with 1 and 2 bits per cell).

The first 4TB SSD with QLC memory.

Samsung ensures that the performance is similar to a TLC (3 bit per cell), achieving sequential speeds of 540 MB / s for sequential write and 520 MB / s for sequential read. They are disks that will come in SATA format, in 2.5 cases, one of the most typical formats.

Perhaps in performance they are not the best, but the objective of these discs is not to replace in terms of speed the Samsung 970 Pro, but to offer a fast enough alternative, which stores a lot of space.

The capacities with which these discs will arrive are in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB, with 3 years warranty on each model. When entering mass production, a more affordable price is expected than current models, although we do not have an official confirmed price yet.

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