Samsung Safety Screen, to prevent children from getting too close to device screens

Today's children are often habitual users of electronic devices, and therefore, they often spend a lot of time consuming content through devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Thinking of them and those parents who want to prevent their children from getting too close to their eyes on the device screens and suffering vision damage, Samsung has launched Safety Screen, a free application for Android devices (from version 4.3 onwards) in which through the use of facial recognition through the front camera of the device itself, it will be detected when children get too close to the screen.If so, the application itself, which works in the background and must be activated by means of a password to prevent its closure by others, will block almost all the content displayed on the screen with an animated message that urges them to move away at a safe distance to be able to continue using the device as normal and avoid suffering any type of eye damage.

In this sense, the application will calculate when the children have moved away at a safe distance to remove this message and allow them to continue using the device. The idea, after all, is for children not to put their eyes too close to the screens of smartphones or tablets.

The application is available under version 1.0.6 for free through the Google Play Store.

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