Samsung will take the Galaxy Note 7 from the grave to sell it repaired

Samsung will take the Galaxy Note 7 from the grave to sell it repaired

The Korean company has announced that it will put up for sale and rent some repaired units of the Galaxy Note 7 after removing it from the market due to the explosive batteries.

When it seemed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was dead and buried for Koreans, it turns out that there is still some pulse left. With the rumors of the Galaxy Note 8 lurking and a bad reputation blow from which they are still trying to recover, Samsung has announced in a statement that it will release all the stock of defective terminals that it has in its warehouses.

In the statement they have not yet specified in which countries or at what price they plan to sell it, but they have made it clear that all terminals that they return to their customers will be repaired and they won’t have the problem of explosive batteries. In addition, they have also announced their plans to recycle the components of those terminals that do not return to the sales channel.

Dead and revived

This announcement coincides with the release of an update that finished kill to the defective Galaxy Note 7 that had not been returned by its users. It is clear that there are fans of the terminal but it remains to be seen if enough to sell the 3 million repaired units that Samsung wants to put on sale.

From a business point of view, Samsung is making a logical move to dispose of the non-defective terminals, but perhaps it is not the smartest decision when, on the other hand, the press and marketing department are making a superhuman effort to ensure that the incident remains forgotten forever. It would be almost impossible to regain consumer confidence if for the third time any of these phones presents some sort of problem with batteries..

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