SCANIFY, scanner that models faces in a second, even for 3D selfies

SCANIFY is an amazing scanner that with a racing car steering wheel appearance allows, just by approaching common objects and even parts of the human body, to model in 3D what is captured by its high precision cameras, all in a matter of seconds. And of course, a striking use that can be given to your instant modeling is that of selfies, but 3D selfies because two dimensions are already too much mainstream, very common.

This last application is the one that the people of TNW, source of the image of this article, have been able to test, who talks about how easy it is to use this portable scanner, a very striking product of the firm Fuel3D that occupies two camera lenses and three flashes to delve into the collected details. The magic is that the technology is based on the human gaze which achieves the perception of three-dimensionality combining what captures each eye separately.

Anyway, a few taps on the sides of the device and a smooth movement around the object to be scanned will be enough to capture a model. Of course, most of the tests are performed with human faces to highlight how true to reality the work achieved by Scanify is, since the handling of textures looks exquisite, but in addition to showing itself as a new technology for selfies, the developer company highlights how comfortable it is. It is presented for designers and artistic professionals since they will be able to reduce the time in their computerized creations by dispensing with manual prototyping. This is what the instant models generated by the scanner look like (click to rotate it):

Subtract working the figure in other spaces, perhaps even passing it through a 3D printer -as in this example-. The great limitation of Scanify, or at least for its massification, is its price: $ 1,490, something not suitable for many pockets, much less for those who would consider it exclusively for their duck-faced, wrinkled, and a thousand other gestures. By the way, for immediate editing you may also need proprietary software offered by Fuel3D.

More information: Scanify page on the Fuel3D website

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