sceelix, a program to create 3D environments for games and virtual reality

Creating three-dimensional environments for use in games and virtual reality applications is getting easier. A few days ago we told you about a project that allows you to scan, using Kinect cameras, any real object, so that it can be included in a Virtual Reality game, and today we talk about a program that also allows you to create 3D scenarios in a simple way.

This is sceelix, designed to create three-dimensional environments that can later be integrated into games or apps thanks to its integration with Unity (they intend to add other engines in the future).

The program, which has a cost of 75 dollars (they sell it with a 20% discount using the code producthunt20, as reported by the person in charge in said forum), allows the design of a city, forest, interior environment, even entire planets through a visual language, and each time we play we can configure it to show different characteristics.

In the screenshot above you can see an aspect of the program, capable of generating the 3D model on the right using flow diagrams and variable definitions, without using any programming language or complicating with the sophisticated 3D design tools on the market.

The sector is advancing: if Virtual Reality is on everyone's lips, now is the time to offer resources that help to develop projects for these devices quickly, without losing quality and flexibility.

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