Science has created the hottest sauce in the world

Science has created the hottest sauce in the world

General Electrics Company, also called GE, is amultinational conglomerate corporation Known for working in areas as disparate as energy, health, or information.

So far, however, they had not done something as peculiar as the production of a hot sauce. And it is not just any sauce, since for the elaboration of this product, which they have called 10Kelvin, they have used different branches of science, thereby achieving that the tabasco remains at the height of the horchata.

As you can see, its name already hints at the scorching character of this sauce, which has required the selection of the best raw material, the search for the most curious methods of checking the depicant levels and even the design of a material able to contain it inside without altering its properties.

What is the substance that makes sauces spicy?

The substance responsible for the itch is the capsaicin, a oleoresin present in some types of Peppers which serves as defendingof the plant against ingestion by the herbivores, who feel a great burning in the mouth when trying to eat it.

At low doses some are known medical applications, although the best known is its use in cooking, in the elaboration of hot sauces, which will be more or less strong depending on the quantity and purity of this substance.

The resulting itchiness is measured on a scale, known as scoville scale, which ranges from 0, associated with non-spicy green pepper, to 15 or 16 million, which correspond to pure capsaicin.

How is GE hot sauce made?


The first step in making the sauce is choose the hottest peppers. To know the level of capsaicin contained in them, they must be entered in oil and then centrifuge the result, making the oil with the capsaicin separate from other particles.

Then it is passed a light through the oil extract obtained and observe how it is reflected, since a greater reflection will imply a greater density capsaicin. To prepare the sauce 10Kelvin, All this was done from two types of peppers that were already known to be very spicy, since they usually contain up to 2 million units in the scoville scale. To give you an idea, the jalapeos that turn our breath into torches after eating Mexican food have about 5,000So imagine the brutality of this amount.

But can this time bomb be packed in any container? You can try, but if we use a conventional container, soon the oxidation of its content, leading to a loss of taste and itchiness. For this reason, GE has also designed a container made from silicon carbide and nickel superalloys, similar to those used in the manufacture of jet engines, adding if there were more peculiarities to this sauce.

If you like strong emotions and want to try your limits with a little of this sauce, we regret to tell you that the only 1,000 bottles that have been produced for sale already have an owner, but you can still get one by entering a draw.

That is, if you try and you are not lucky, take it as a sign of your stomach, which implores you not to give him a ulcer.

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