ScrapWalls – Create collages with fun shapes

Apparently online applications for create collages with personal photographs they are gaining quite a bit of popularity judging by the number of them appearing lately. The last one I have seen is, the original, ScrapWalls.

And is that the most remarkable characteristic of this service is that we can use it to create murals with different ways to suggest the subject of the photos. For example, if they are from a wedding, we will choose a silhouette of a kissing couple or that of a wedding cake, if they are from our pet, the dog and so on.

Using it is also very simple, after a brief registration, we will have to upload all the images that we will use from our PC, being able to do it all at once by pressing Ctrl. From there we will only have to choose the silhouette, the name and the colors that the canvas of our work will have.

The service itself is gratuitous, so once we finish we will visualize the image with a Google Maps type interface (to scroll and zoom) that we can also share thanks to the permanent link generated, although if we want to order a printed copy we will have to pay.

If you want to share with your friends an original collage with your photos, I encourage you to try it.

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