Scribe, a program that helps us create tutorials

If we want to carry out an action step by step and reflect it in a document, we will have to prepare ourselves to take an infinity of screenshots and use a text editor to record the actions.

It is a long process well known by teachers, bloggers and other professionals used to explaining how things are used in the computer world.

What the Scribe program offers is a more automatic way of doing it. We just have to install it and press the record button. Then we will start to perform the actions (registration on one website, filter on another … whatever), and Cursive will be in charge of identifying the main actions (clicks, mouse movements, page change …) and registering them in its database. .

When we finish we will have an editable document with captures and descriptions, being possible to change the texts to translate or customize them.

Logically, it is possible that you have skipped an important step, or that you have put in more detail than you wanted, so it is important that it can be edited for the consumer’s taste.

The program is available for Windows and Mac, and allows you to export the result in PDF, ideal to share it with students, readers or anyone interested.

They comment that they are already preparing a function to be able to share the tutorial with a link, thus avoiding the export in PDF.

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