Scrintal – to transform speech into text, for research and education work

A few months ago we talked about several options that we can use to transform audio files into text, now they present us with a new one that is quite interesting, and with some important advantages.

This is Scrintal, a platform used as an educational tool to provide interactive online class transcripts.

It has analysis features so that students can highlight, comment on, and use these transcripts as reading notes. These transcripts and class notes increase digital accessibility and provide the same learning experience for students with different abilities and backgrounds.

[…] uses speech-to-text technology converting audio and video recordings to text quickly and efficiently. The platform is cloud-based, uses speech-to-text technology, and enables audio and video transcription and analysis. Scrintal is used as a media, research and education tool.

Their goal is to support research and education, and that is why they always include text analysis functions on their platform. They are now working on a new tagging and encoding feature, to extract common themes from conversations.

Scrintal offers free collaboration in a team of up to 3 members, and collaborators can simultaneously edit the same document and discuss it through comments.

In full compliance with the GDPR, they tell us that it has been developed with the help of the Innovation Office at Stockholm University, and has been funded by Almi and Vinnova.

Scrintal has been developed with the help of the Stockholm University Innovation Office, and has been funded by Almi ( and Vinnova (

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