Sealife, online and installable collaboration tool for our own servers

We already know that there are many collaboration tools on the Internet for work groups, but what Sealife offers us is quite interesting, since on the one hand, it offers us its online service through its servers, and on the other, it allows us to create our own installation under our own servers, managing the service through our own infrastructure, ideal for those organizations that do not fan much of the current collaboration services of third parties through the Internet.

As an online service, it is a service freemium for which it has a series of pricing plans, starting with the free one, limited to 1 GB of space and with the possibility of creating up to 3 different user groups, with up to 6 members each. Despite not being a service that can overshadow existing storage and collaboration services, it is true that it allows the synchronization of the different file libraries that we can have with different groups of users.

As a private service under our own servers, it offers us the server application to be installed in recent Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Centos, or Debian. Important detail that also has the server application for Raspberry Pi. In any case, we have client applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, which will allow us to access the synchronized file libraries, always having the latest version of them, applying any change on any document to all users.

Whatever option we choose, we can now create file libraries, and optionally, user groups, with which we can work on our own projects, where we also have tasks and real-time editing of documents between several members simultaneously .

An interesting solution to consider, given the freedom and number of tools available.

Link: Sealife | Goes: AddictiveTips

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