Searchlet, bookmarklet to easily search multiple sources

Users who consult a large amount of information every day have, in many cases, multiple tabs open in our own browsers, and also, when conducting searches or other queries, we are forced to open new tabs, slowing down our experience in the Web. Today from TechCrunch presents us with a service that will be very useful to us in our day to day, since our productivity will be able to be noticeably improved when dealing with the information we need.

Is about Searchlet (, which works through a bookmarklet that we must include in our link bar, and that once done, we will only have to indicate a word that interests us of the content of any website so that, when pressing said bookmarklet, we quickly see a sidebar with information obtained from four sources: Google, Wikipedia, Google News and the Wiktionary open content dictionary.

As we stop highlighting the desired word, the sidebar disappears, and if we highlight another word again, the side strip returns with new results. It is a useful tool for all types of users, but above all, for users who need to perform multiple searches. According to Marcos Fazzini, creator of the tool together with Spencer Simonsen, Searchlet saves up to 86% in relation to the time invested since opening a tab, accessing the search tool, entering the terms and receiving them, taking an average 50 seconds relative to the six seconds it takes to see results through Searchlet. It also indicates to the aforementioned media that at the end of the next month of January a new version will be released which will include Google, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn as sources.

Searchlet can earn income through a number of channels, whether through advertising, alliances, and other resources.

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