Security flaw in Windows allows you to run any app without administrator permissions

Over the last few years we have spoken to you on a large number of occasions about different failures in the safety of important technological companies. Now, everything seems to indicate that Windows users are at risk due to a serious security flaw. Specifically, the security breach we are talking about would allow to run any application despite not having administrator permissions.

As Casey Smith has discovered, it would be possible to run any application even if we use the Applocker tool, which allows us to specify which users or groups can execute certain apps. Apparently, the security flaw will allow to skip this type of protection in the editions business Windows 7 and higher using Regsvr32.

Without a doubt, it is a very important threat, especially considering that it exposes the affected computers to the danger of executing all kinds of software malicious. Also, since it does not require the administrator password and does not alter the system registry, it's hard to keep track of the attack.

Taking into account the seriousness of the threat, It should not take long for Microsoft to provide a solution. Therefore, we will remain alert to any type of official statement issued publicly by the technology giant.

Source: subt0x10 | Engadget.

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